A.S.D.Basket Cheer Malcontenta

Minibasket & Basket



A.S.D.Basket Cheer Malcontenta

Club Sportivo


Format of registration completed and signed

Copy of the identity document and tax code of the athlete (passport and residence permit for non-EU

citizens) Medical examination for the activity competitive for 11 years valid for under 11 years non-competitive medical examination for Basketball and Minibasket (SOLAR YEAR) Medical examination for competitive activity

from 8 YEARS COMPLETED in the course of validity - for children under 8 non-competitive medical check-up for Cheerleading Non-competitive medical check-up or certificate of

good health for Sweet, Salsa, Zumba Activities Registration fee


Reservations through ulss


Make an

appointment sports medicine 0415103550

from 09.00 to 13.00 from Monday to Friday

Download the request on the side

Doma registration number 2020 / 2021

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Conventions for sports doctor visits:

OTI via delle Macchine 51 / 3

Marghera tel. 0415381182 FISIOMEDIC via Risorgimento 121

Oriago tel. 041429370CENTRO di MEDICINA vial Ancona Mestre

tel. 0415322500 int.4 Download the request here on the side

Request for a private sports doctor visit

Request medical examination ulss3 Cheer

Request medical medical examination ulls3 Basket

CONI certification with affiliation codes

Basketball subscription and Minibasket 2020 / 2021

Cheerleading 2020 / 2021

NEW: BCM scholarship

Salsa and Zumba subscription

COVID 19 self-declaration

Self-declaration of state of good health

Certification for round trip basketball training

Certification for round trip Cheerleading training

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