Minibasket & Basket

A.S.D.Basket Cheer Malcontenta
A.S.D.Basket Cheer Malcontenta

Club Sportivo


Registration format filled in and signed

Copy of the athlete's identity document and tax code (passport and residence permit for non-EU citizens)

Medical examination for competitive activity for 11 years valid - for children under 11 non-competitive medical examination for Basketball and Minibasket (SOLAR YEAR)

Valid medical examination for competitive activity from 8 YEARS COMPLETED - for children under 8 non-competitive medical examination for Cheerleading

Non-competitive medical examination or certificate of good health for Sweet Activity, Salsa, Zumba

Entry fee


Reservations via ulss 3

Make appointment

sports medicine 0415103550

from 09.00 to 13.00 from Monday to Friday

Download the request on the side

Application for registration 2021/2022

Request for a private sports doctor visit Bissuola Medica

Conventions for sports doctor visits :

OTI via delle Macchine 51/3 Marghera tel. 0415381182

FISIOMEDIC via Risorgimento 121 Oriago tel. 041429370

MEDICINE CENTER vial Ancona Mestre tel. 0415322500 int. 4

MEDICAL SOCKET via E. Ankle 1-3 Mestre tel 041615759

Download the request on the side , specific for Medical Bissuola

Request for a general private sports doctor visit

Request a visit to the sports doctor ulss3 Cheer

Request for medical examination ulls3 Basket

CONI certification with affiliation codes

Basketball and Minibasket 2022/2023 season ticket

Cheerleading subscription 2022/2023

Futsal season ticket (5-a-side football) 2022 - 2023

Salsa and Zumba subscription

NEW: BCM Scholarship 2021 - 2022

COVID 19 self-declaration

Self-declaration of state of good health

Certification for round trip basketball training

Certification for round trip Cheerleading training

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